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Attention CMGA Members

Do you belong to another golf club, other that CMGA? For example, do you hold membership in the PVMGA as well as the Cottonwood Men's Golf Association?

When you paid your 2016 dues to these clubs, you were required to pay the full Arizona Golf Association membership fee to each club you joined. (The AGA fee for each club was $30 if paid before December 31, 2015)

The AGA continues to offer a Multi-Member Rebate Program for members who belong to more than one club in Arizona. Beginning in 2016, however, they will no longer offer full rebates as in the past. This year they will offer members a $15.00 rebate on the fee paid to the second club.

To request your rebate, go to the AGA's website, www.azgolf.org and click on Membership to display the Rebate Request Form and complete information. Fill in all the required information and submit. Your rebate checks will be issued beginning July 1, 2016.